The Ebonies

Established in 1977, The Ebonies is Uganda’s best known drama group and is East Africa’s leading drama and Television group. The Ebonies has for the last 16 years been consistently voted as the most popular drama group as well as producers of the most popular Television series performers according to the New Vision Annual Polls.

The group’s Television series which have won these accolades include That’s Life, Mwattu!, These Things Happen! Bibaawo, Kitobeero, Ala Carte and That’s it, Kyekyo. Notably, two of these series have been aired Africa wide on MNET’s African Magic Channel.

Ever since The Ebonies started putting out theatre plays, its principal mission has been two fold; first to provide the public with high quality entertainment for the purpose of leisure and education. On the other hand, through our social commitment we also seek to create awareness about fundamental socio-economic issues affecting our society and champion change in such matters. Over the years we have addressed topics such as women emancipation, widows’ marginalised position, prostitution, the ever-widening gap between the poor and the rich.

To date, The Ebonies has presented more stage performances nationwide than any other drama group in Uganda’s history and has as a result won the loyalty of so many across the country as these plays have been performed from Kisoro to Masindi to Gulu to Kaberemaido moving from one community to another.