Videographics and Cinematography Limited (VCL) is by far the nation's leader in the video industry. Founded in 1993, the company has grown from strength to strength each year into what is now a full service professional organization. It is VCL that does all the filming and editing of popular local drama TV shows; "That’s life, Mwatu"; "These things happen, Bibaawo"; "Kitobeero, Ala carte"; and "That's it, Kyekyo".

Market surveys and independent reports confirm our products are the favourite. VCL produced TV programs and dramas have been voted repeatedly best Stage and TV programs since 1998. Our advertisers in these programs have reaped immense benefits from these shows and they have received perfect value for their money.

Our Clientele
Ranges from various Government agencies, international organizations, major financial and academic institutions, Uganda's largest and leading corporations and NGOs; down to small time with specialized and unique requirements.


Appointed by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda to officially film, produce and saturate copies of the Royal wedding

Professional Filming and Editing of the local drama series by the Ebonies.
"That’s Life; Mwatu" that aired for 14 years.
"These things happen; Bibaawo" that aired for 12 years.
"Kitobeero Ala carte that aired for 8 years.
"That's it; Kyekyo" currently running on T.V.